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$  270 USD

Continuous HD eco-friendly core, Premium Epoxy resin, double Carbon stringer, reinforced POWER ROD ™ rails, Carbon Overlap, Fiberglass reinforcement and our tough Volcanic Stone Fiber for extra durability. Perfect for those who want to go the next level or for those who want their first foam board in size and shape that suits their style and dimensions.


$  390 USD

Continuous HD eco-friendly core, Premium epoxy resin, one layer of carbon on each side, Carbon stringer, reinforced POWER ROD ™ rails, Carbon Overlap and fiberglass reinforcement. For those who demand more performance, with the optimal features and specifications for better performance.


$  450 USD

Our top of the line. If you are looking for the best in performance, stifness, weight, resistance and maneuverability, this is your option, there is no other. The perfect combination of materials and techniques to ensure the best result. Full layer of Carbon on both sides, multiple layers of fiberglass reinforcement, double carbon reinforced edges *STAPLELESS, POWER ROD™ reinforced edges. Premium epoxy resin on high density Aerospace core.

*STAPLELESS: In traditional construction, STAPLES are used, which  when rusting  create a weak point or can delaminate. Our boards do not have staples, we have developed a reinforcement method that does not need them.

Special features


All rails of our skimboards are reinforced with a high resistance rod around the entire edge that protects, gives strength, prevents delamination and reinforces the entire edge of your skimboard.


Bottom (Slider) with intense colors, perfect brightness. Ultra-smooth finish that allows a greater flow of water, better sliding, more speed. It also gives an extra layer of protection, so it is more durable to wear, the inner layers are safer, so it will keep a new look for much longer.

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