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Natural skimboards started from a passion for sports, the sea and being in contact with the wave on any type of board; skimboard, surfboard, handplane, skurfboard.

We constantly develop our art and push shapes and technologies to the limit.

We are a Latin American brand in constant  evolution of  technology and shapes,  manufacturing  Skimboards that improve your level,  with high resistance and durability materials. 


from the year  2008  Nicolas together  to  his brother who made surfboards  they experimented with  manufacture of Skimboards and began with the Naturalboards project on  which  wrapped the  passion for the tables and respect for nature. Over the years Nicolas continued with his  passion for skimboarding and  continued to develop the brand on his own, at that time  Irais Ibarra, Mexican skimmer,  I know  joined the project and  together they complemented  in what characterizes us;  technology shapes  and Design (resin art*), resulting in NATURAL SKIMBOARDS. 

Our goal is to have an optimal, high quality product and develop our art.

Our commitment is to grow this great sport and unite the family of the skimboarding world.

Nicholas Pizarro 


Maintaining his passion for skimboarding and wave sports, he develops the brand and constantly seeks evolution in shapes, technologies and materials, always seeking the best quality in skimboards, taking care of and analyzing every detail.

Irais Ibarra



Her passion for sports led her to travel to other seas and there she met and joined the trade of board maker,  over time she has developed as a designer, artist  of resin and Shaper creating a unique shape especially for women called Bloom.


Together with all the riders and people involved with the brand, providing knowledge, experience and support, we form Natural Crew, passion, commitment, quality, motivation and SKIMBOARD!! 

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